Welcome to my blog

Flandrin,_Hippolyte_(1805-1864)_-_Jeune_homme_nu_assis.._1855_-_LouvreOne of the fun things about my new website is that I can incorporate a new blog. Not a blog about pedagogy or even about critical thinking and theory, like my previous blogs. More like the first blog I ever started, mikeyblog, whose database I was too ignorant to back up and download when I left the internet service provider who hosted it, but which can be “read” and “enjoyed” pretty much in its entirety thanks to the Internet Archive, affectionately known as the Wayback Machine. Mikeyblog had fun things like pictures of Alexandre Despatie and Wentworth Miller (ah, the 2000s). Here I’ll just post an image of Jean-Hippolyte Flandrin’s gay-culture cliché, Jeune Homme Nu Assis au Bord de la Mer, which taught me something about myself when I first saw it in the Louvre when I was 21.